Consultation for New Counselors

As a young professional in the mental health field, I may have recently walked on the path that new counselors are about to embark on.

If you are in a mental health training program or are a new post-grad, I am available to provide support and answer questions you may have about the counseling field, the licensure exam, licensure applications, and other miscellaneous things that have come up. By choosing any of the services below I’ll send you a free PDF guide that I created for pre- and post-grad counselors.

Consultation call- ask me anything about the NCMHCE, licensure, post-grad work, etc. $100/hour
Licensure application review- First we’ll walk through what the process looks like. Then, I’ll read through your MA and/or RI materials and indicate areas of concern. $100/application
Peer support- no matter how wonderful professors and supervisors are, peer support can be invaluable. I’ll be a nonjudgmental, probative listener for you. Because supervisors are usually tied to your workplace, it can be beneficial to have a separate support who you can speak candidly to. This time will not count toward licensure supervision requirements. $80/45 minutes

Please note that consultation services are not legal advice. I am able to provide guidance and feedback based on my training and lived experiences. Licensure application review sessions do not guarantee licensure.