Therapeutic Approach

You’re the expert of your life and an autonomous person that ultimately knows what’s best for you. My role in the therapeutic relationship is to be a nonjudgmental support during your counseling, helping you explore past and present experiences and consider how you’re being affected today. With that knowledge, we’ll consider realistic changes you can implement to increase functioning and quality of life.

At the beginning of counseling we’ll build a therapeutic relationship that will be a strong foundation for your growth. We’ll discuss your goals for treatment and outcomes you’d like to see. To start, we will meet for weekly sessions and when you feel ready and progress has been made, we’ll decrease frequency.

With me you’ll receive personalized treatment. I practice Client-Centered Theory, Feminist Theory, Family Systems, and some tenants of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy. After getting to know you I’ll use my clinical training to integrate different interventions depending on what I learn what does and does not work for you.

With years of clinical experience, I have had the most success with clients who enter therapy…

  • Motivated to understand themselves better, ready to explore emotions and lived experiences. Studies have shown that clients who are committed to counseling to the therapeutic work are more likely to achieve their goals.
  • Open-minded: I’ll offer reflections of what I observe during sessions and together we’ll explore the brain process that informed those behaviors and how to use that information to increase functioning.

The approach to treatment I use has been successful and fruitful for clients. A client of mine provided the following feedback:

I’ve been going to counseling with Molly for almost two years now and she has helped me through so much. Molly provides me with a safe environment where I feel comfortable to talk about how I feel. Not only does Molly make me feel heard and validated but she holds me accountable to work on myself and this is why I’ve seen a significant improvement in my mental health since starting with her.

-Early 20s female client who entered counseling to work on anxiety and life transition problems.